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Karjala grill bar was opened in July 2012 and during these years we have managed to become a favorite and beloved place for our customers. The name of the bar “Karjala” means the Karelia region, which is located on the territory of Finland and Russia, it is also the name of the Finnish ice hockey tournament and the beer brand.

Karjala is the only Finnish bar in Latvia, and our priority is to promote Finnish traditions and culture. With us, you can get to know Finnish TV channels and radio stations, as well as themed events, karaoke and various sports broadcasts.

We offer a wide range of European dishes as well as traditional Finnish dishes made from carefully selected products. In the nice atmosphere of the bar, you can enjoy delicious and filling food – breakfast, brunch, business lunch, lunch or dinner. We also offer Finnish dishes: traditional Finnish stew, thin beef steak (paper steak) with parsley butter, Finnish beef meatballs, Karelian patties, which are somewhat similar to traditional Latvian flatbreads, etc. The bar’s specialty is charcoal-grilled meat and salmon. The food is prepared and served in a similar way as in Finland. We offer a wide selection of Latvian and Finnish beers, whiskeys, gins, wines.

We also offer cocktails, shots and shot roulette.

It is possible to organize banquets and events, the terrace is open in the summer season.

We are pet friendly, bring your pet and we’ll make sure they have a great time with us too.