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Karjala grill bar opened in July of 2012 and in these past years has managed to become a popular and beloved place for our customers. The name of the bar “Karjala” translates as the region Karelia which is located in Finland and Russian territory, it is also a name of Finland hockey competition and brand of beer.

Karjala is the only Finnish bar in Latvia and our priority is to popularize the traditions and culture of Finland. We offer a chance to enjoy Finnish TV channels and radio stations as well as thematic events like karaoke and different sports events.

We are also serving a wide range of European foods as well as different kind of Finnish traditional foods which are prepared with carefully selected products. In the nice atmosphere of the bar, you can enjoy tasteful and fulfilling dishes- breakfast, business lunch, lunch or dinner. You can also try some of the Finnish dishes that we are offering: traditional Finnish stew as well as thin beef chop (paper steak) with parsley butter, Finnish meatballs in sauce, Karelian pies which are similar to traditional Latvian “sklandu raušiem” and others. The speciality of the bar is a different type of grilled meat and salmon. Food is prepared and served similarly as in Finland. You can also enjoy a large range of Latvian, Finnish and other European beers, as well as a large assortment of wine. Many cocktails and different kind of shots and shot roulettes.

We are offering banquet and event organization, for romantic events and business meetings you can enjoy the quiet environment of VIP room and in summer season you can have a meal on the terrace while admiring the ancient old city.

We are also animal friendly, so feel free to bring your pet with you and we will make sure that he also has a great time with us.

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